Weather Watchers

BBC - Royal Meteorological Society Initiative

The BBC together with the Royal Met Soc have developed a crowd-sourcing system to enable interested members of the public to submit weather data and photographs, which may be used on the TV or local radio.

There is a resource pack for anyone interested in setting up their own weather station and sending data to the BBC.

You can download it here.

Wolstanton Weather Database

Free Climatological Data


This section of the web site provides access to:

  • Daily weather records for the Wolstanton Weather Station for the period January 1977 to March 1981, and a continuous record from January 1999 to the present day
  • Summary monthly data for the period January 1977 to the present day
  • Summary annual data for the period January 1977 to the present day
  • Extensive facilities for searching the database for specified days, periods or weather variables, etc.
  • A gallery of cloud photographs with accompanying explanations

Further data is added on a regular basis:

  • Current data is added as it is recorded
  • Archive data is entered into the database from old records. The records for 1981 are being gradually loaded at the moment. Given time, the whole series of daily records from 1977 to the present day should become available.

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