Wind Analysis

The pages provides a number of options for analysing daily directions and forces. If you require wind analysis for specific months select downloads then monthly data then monthly summary files from the menu

Using the tools below you can search for days when the wind blew from particular directions at specified beaufort forces

First Date
Second Date
Select three wind directions from the lists below, a conditional operator and a force
Wind Direction 1
Wind Direction 2
Wind Direction 3
Select Condition
Select a Beaufort Wind Force
There are 10 equally spaced observations each day - select the times required
0000 0224
0448 0712
0936 1200
1424 1648
1912 2136

Set the parameters using the drop down lists provided

Parameter 1
Parameter 2
Parameter 3
Parameter 4

A wild day on Lindisfarne, and hawthorn trees at Humphrey Head, Cumbria

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