Site Description

Wolstanton is essentially a 'climatological' station.  The data collected from the site are sent to the Climatological Observer's Link and to other local observers in North Staffordshire.

Like all weather stations, Wolstanton has its own local microclimate. Even the positioning of equipment at the site relative to buildings, fences, walls, trees, hedges, etc. will have an effect on the temperatures and rainfall recorded.  Details of the site that might affect the data recorded are shown below.

Wolstanton Weather Station Details
Location North Staffordshire conurbation lying at Ordnance Survey grid reference SJ852479
Altitude 156m
Aspect On a gentle slope facing SW, about 200m west of the crest of a ridge running NNW-SSE, peaking at 175m
Urban Index Within a radius of 3km of the site 70% of the area is built up, although the site is within 30m of Wolstanton Marsh a large area of cut grass surrounded by trees - open to the public for recreation, etc. See the image and map below
Garden The instruments are located in the small back garden of a semi detached house.  They are very close to walls, fences, trees, and a garden pond.
Consequences The enclosed nature of the urban site has several impacts on the weather data recorded when compared to local rural areas at the same altitude:
  • Both maximum and minimum daily temperatures are higher. This is most pronounced in calm clear weather.
  • The difference between ground temperature and air temperature is not as great.
  • Wind speeds are lower than in surrounding rural areas.
  • Summer rainfall from convective events (showers and thunderstorms) may be slightly greater.


The station is in Fairfield Avenue, shown on the map below. You can zoom out, view the terrain, etc., using the controls.